Venezuelan Scientific Research Reports Vol. 2 No.1 January 2013

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The Journal Venezuelan Scientific Research Reports is devoted to publishing reports, articles, and other communications in all
fields of science, pure and applied, i.e. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Education, Social Science,
Agriculture, Engineering, Medicine, Earth Science, etc.

All articles are subject to review and authors should be current subscribers of the Journal.

Articles are published in Spanish or English. However, all articles shall have an abstract in English and Chinese. The language
style is the author’s responsibility.

Journal content


Diseños, Requerimientos y Discusiones de los Sistemas de Puesta a Tierra, G. Salloum and C. Gómez (p1)


Parapsoriasis, S. Salloum y J. Mesa (p15)

Social Science

El Proyecto Bolivariano, la diferencia cultural y el concepto de desarrollo, R. González (p25)


Propuesta alternativa para la gestión de redes multiplataforma, J. Zamora, D. Tálamo, M. Lugo, J. Pérez, H. Brea, A. Vargas, L. Parra y P. Chirinos (p31)